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13 miles means uncrowded beaches, places to walk hand in hand with your partner without stepping over bodies. In the area where our rentals are, it is possible to have a short walk, stop in for a sip of wine at a local taverna and walk back. Our properties have beach chairs for you to relax in.

THINGS TO DO Their are excellent Golf courses on island, walking trails, various places to go horse riding, hiking trails, historic sites and of course plenty of downtown shopping.

DINING You could spend a month on the island, eat dinner every evening at a different place and still have great restaurants to visit. Yes, the food here is that good. And with a fishing fleet on the island, you know the fish is fresh. Besides the restaurants there are many great lunch cafes in the downtown area and nearby. Even many coffee bars, bagel shops and bakeries. Many come here just to antique shop, stroll, snack and dine. Our idea of heaven.

BOAT TRIP TO CUMBERLAND ISLAND There are various trips to Cumberland Island. From nearby St Mary's you can board a boat that drops you off onto the island for a few hours or overnight. From Amelia Island you can take a tour around Cumberland Island. Cumberland Island is unspoiled land that is inhabited by wild horses, horses that have been there since Colonial times.


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