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Amelia Island has its 400 years of history under eight flags (including the Pirate Flag!) and this is since the Titumucan Indians inhabited the island. Each country has left their trace, except the pirates, if you find a treasure chest whilst digging your sandcastle please let us know.

THE REPUBLIC OF FLORIDA A little less well known than the Republic of California or Texas, is the Republic of Florida. Yes, the flag that bore the green cross flew over the fort near the Plaza San Carlos. This is in 1817, right before we became part of the Mexican republic. Those Mexicans are long gone, but you can still taste their cuisine at our fine Mexican restaurants.

THE OLD TOWN It is not downtown! You have to go to the other end of the island to find sandy streets, victorian mansions and the plaza. This is where the Spanish hung out, today it is a quiet backwater, with very few visitors (if any). History lays undisturbed here, check it out.

FORT CLINCH A finely preserved Civil War fort that never saw action. In fact it was never completed, although you would never know it walking around the fort. Which part did they not complete? you begin to wonder whilst touring its spacious grounds. Always on site are one or two reenactment soldiers who will share tales of daring-do and danger with civilians such as yourselves. The access road to the fort is long and winds through some gorgeous scenery. For those who claim to be fit, it provides an excellent walk or bike ride. The fort also has the best beach on the island, a well kept secret that now only you know about.

MORE HISTORY And will all this history, wouldn't you know it, the island has a Museum of History, located ar 233 S 3rd Street.


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